November 13, 2011

PKMN Trainer Conner Kent, at your service~ Haha


Everyone feel free to follow our Conner and please welcome him warmly! c:  

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November 12, 2011

PKMN!Cheshire joined us <:

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Sorry guys!

Bear with us for a little bit - and don’t give up hope on us yet! We’re trying to get things sorted out with the new members that joined up with us (to get them started and etc) and its also a very busy time of year for us students (especially when a couple of us work in retail too…) But we haven’t given up on these RP blogs. c: We’ll be back real soon!

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November 2, 2011

Trainer Roy Harper has joined! We'd like to welcome our new vic-- I mean friend <:

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Do you guys have an Elite Four? Will people be able to rp them?

We do! They are Barry Allen, Diana, Clark Kent, and Batman! (I only say Batman because he is Professor Wayne by day and Elite Four by night! *shot*)

As for people rping them, erm, we havent decided yet. 

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So, we need an Empoleon!Kaldur…

Anyone interested? 

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November 1, 2011

Trainer!Conner has been reserved!

We are currently looking forward to the submission. c:

If anyone is interested in our last available character of Empoleon!Kaldur, please send an ask! We’d love to have you on the team!

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What about Zatanna?

She’s Girafarig!Zatanna :) She’ll be included in the next group picture.

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Trainers! Kid Flash, Superboy, and Red Arrow. :D


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October 30, 2011

We now have a Celebi!M’Gann!

Everyone please welcome her warmly.

(Once she makes her account that is~!)

Follow her here!

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